Visitor Visa

Every year hundreds and thousands of people from around the world travel to Canada in search of an adventure. The Great White North is one of the biggest tourist destinations in North America and hence the immense popularity of Canadian Tourist Visa. Countless people apply every year seeking a passage. Also, tourist visas are not only popular among simple tourists but also among people travelling to the country to meet friends or family members. Apart from countless people travelling to Canada to experience the culture and scenic beauties, the country is also home to some spirited travellers. People who love to pack their bags and head out to travel the world.

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Canadian visitor Visa – Eligibility

In order to secure a Canadian Visitor Visa, there are certain criteria an applicant needs to meet. Criteria like:

  • A valid passport
  • Needs to be in good and healthy condition
  • Have no prior records of conviction related to criminal acts or immigration processes
  • Assure the concerned immigration officer that you’ll leave the country after getting done with your vacation
  • Proof of funds to sustain – Can vary upon the length of stay
  • You may need to take a medical test
  • Also, a letter of invitation from a Canadian resident can be required

These were the set of rules and regulations that an adult needs to follow in order to obtain a Canadian Visitor Visa. But at the same time, the rules of a minor (children under 18) are kind of the same but a little different.

Canadian Visitor Visa for Minors – Details

· If a minor is travelling alone

  • Must carry a valid passport
  • A copy of his/her birth certificate
  • A signed letter of authorization (in English or French) by parents or legal guardian listing:
    • Their addresses and phone number
    • Also, the name, address  and phone number of the Canadian resident who’ll be looking after her

· If a minor is travelling with only one parent

  • A valid passport
  • Copy of the minor’s birth certificate
  • A signed letter of authorization (in English or French) by the parent who is not travelling with them listing:
    • Address and telephone number of the parent not accompanying them
    • A  photocopy of that parent’s signed passport

· Child of a separated or divorced couple who shares custody of the child

  • The parent accompanying the child should possess the legal documents proving custody

·  Minor travelling with a person other than their parents or legal guardian

The adult (neither one of the parents nor a legal guardian) should have a written document signed by the parents or legal guardian to take care of the minor. The documents need to include addresses and telephone numbers of parents or legal guardians. Along with the letter, a photocopy of the concerned parents or legal guardian’s passport must be produced.

If you’ve any further queries about the Canadian Visitor Visa and its application process, feel free to reach out to us here at Zoom Immigration Services anytime.