Investors Entrepreneurs

Canada always welcomes successful businesses that are willing to expand their horizons. The Canadian Business immigration program is a system devised to facilitate and help businesspersons who’re planning to expand and also looking for new challenges. Also, both the federal and provincial governments are happy to welcome and assist business owners in setting up their business.

So, what does it take to get a passage to Canada in order to set up a business?

Requirements for Applicants under the Start-up Business Class?

To gain entry through this program, the entrepreneur needs to have intentions of starting a new business to be operated in Canada. The business should also meet every criterion of a qualifying business. There are certain financial slabs that investors and entrepreneurs both need to keep in mind in order to start a company/brand.

Apart from the Business Class Immigration Program under the Federal Government, some provinces also have their own program. As a matter of fact, Quebec operates in own immigration norms.

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