Provincial Nominees

Provincial Nominee Program

The Provincial Nominee Program was started to allow provinces and territories to nominate interested immigrants willing to move to the respective province. Every provincial nominee programs will always have a minimum of one immigration program aligned with the Express Entry system. Nominations issued under Express Entry helps to make improve an applicant’s chances by adding points to the CRS.

Who can apply through the Provincial Nominee Program?

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is specifically developed to aid the immigration process for:

  • Individuals with skills or academic prowess to positively affect and boost the province/territory’s economy.
  • People interested in living in the province
  • Individuals who’re interested in becoming permanent residents.

Provincial Nominee Program – Application Process

The application process can differ depending upon the PNP stream you choose; it can be a paper-based process or the candidate may have to apply through the Express Entry System. Along with filling up the necessary details, an applicant will also have to pass a police check and medical exam.

·         Paper-based Application

  • The application needs to be filed under the non-Express Entry stream.
  • The applicant needs to meet provincial eligibility criteria
  • After receiving the nomination, submit papers for permanent residence under Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

·         Express Entry Application

  • Contact province/territory to submit nomination under Express Entry system
  • If the request for nomination is accepted, update/create an Express Entry Profile and update your status
    Create an Express Entry profile and select the regions you wish to settle in
  • If you receive a ‘notification of interest’ you can reach out to the concerned body directly.

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