Federal Skilled Trades Program

Federal Skilled Trades Program

The Federal Skilled Trades Program is a specially devised program for skilled workers looking to obtain permanent residency after qualifying in a skilled trade. It falls under the Express Entry Immigration system and for skilled tradesmen with work experience. Like other programs, the applicant needs to secure at least 67 points in the CRS;  but the cutoff can vary for every draw. Below are the eligibility criteria that a person must meet to be eligible under the program.

The Federal Skilled Trades Program – Eligibility

Any person applying for permanent residency under the Federal Skilled Trades Program must possess certain eligibility. Here is what determines whether a person is eligible under the program or not.

Skilled Work Experience – There are different categories of skilled trades for the Federal Skilled Trades Program under the National Occupational Classification (NOC). They are as follows:

  • Industrial, electrical and construction – Major Group 72
  • Maintenance and equipment operation – Major Group 73
  • Supervisors and technical jobs in natural resources and agriculture – Major Group 82
  • Processing, manufacturing and utility supervisors and central control operators – Major Group 92
  • Culinary specialists – Minor Group 632
  • Butchers and bakers – Minor Group 633

Every Major Group is sub-divided into different occupations and fall under the skill type B. Also, the applicant needs to possess the lead statement of the occupational description in the NOC listing all essential duties. Remember that the application must be based on the 2016 version of the NOC.

Education – There is no minimum education requirement for the Federal Skilled Trades Program as per regulations. But to increase the chances of being selected from the pool, an applicant can always follow the mention criteria of the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

Language Ability – Applicants applying for permanent residency under the FST program need to take an approved language test for French or English. He/she must secure a minimum score of 5 for speaking and listening and also a score of 4 for reading and writing to prove to be considered eligible.

Proof of Funds – The applicant also needs to show that they have enough funds to have enough money for themselves or their family to settle and live in Canada. This is overlooked if you:

  • Have a Canadian work permit
  • Possess a job offer from a Canadian employer

So, if you are looking to apply and secure a Permanent Residency under the Federal Skilled Trades Program, we’re always happy to help you out. Want to know more about our immigration services? Reach out to us at your own convenience.