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Immigration Services

Every year many people immigrate to Canada. Zoom Immigration is the one place where you can get all the help you need for your Immigration services and help to become a permanent or temporary resident of Canada. We are a paralegal company based here in Canada. Canada is distinguished from most other countries by the diversity of its population. Our unique cultural, ethnic and linguistic mosaic is reflected in the wide assortment of holdings at Library and Archives Canada associated with the different horticultural groups. We can assist you with all of your Canada immigration or visa needs. Call us today for answers to any of your Canadian Immigration question.


  • Federal skilled workers
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Quebec‑selected skilled workers
  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Investors, entrepreneurs
  • Refugees
  • Family sponsorship
  • Provincial nominees
  • Live-in caregivers
  • Self- employed




  • Work permit
  • Open work permit
  • Study permit
  • Business class
  • Visitor visa
  • Temporary resident permit
  • Super visa